SFTP – Secure File Transfer Protocol guide for Filezilla:

Want to connect to your Powerhosting websolution by SFTP instead of FTP? Use this guide:

First a keypair needs to be created, as we don’t allow access with just a username and password combination.
We made a guide for creating a keypair here: https://powerhosting.dk/guide-forbind-via-ssh-til-webmagentohoteller-hos-powerhosting/

In Windows – using a key created from Puttygen (.ppk):

Adding your .ppk file to Filezilla:

Open Filezilla
Click on Edit, then Settings…
Click on SFTP under Connection in the overview.
Click on Add key file…
Navigate to your saved Putty Private Key File and add it.
Click on OK
Close the settings overview

Press Ctrl + s to open up the Site Manager
Click on New Site
Change the protocol from FTP to SFTP
Type the host- and username which can be found in the email with your login credentials.
Port is 15873
Logon Type: Interactive
Then press Connect to gain access.

If you created your privatekey with a password, then you have to type the password before you are able to log in.

On a Mac:

Import your key via Settings and then use Normal mode in your site connection definition. The imported key will get used.

The following instructions assume you have a working SSH configuration which allows you to ssh to the same host without a password.

In FileZilla → Settings…, select Connection → SFTP
Press the Add key file… button
Press Command-Shift-G to bring up a path selection window and type “~/.ssh”
Select the “id_rsa” key file and click Open (this imports the key)
Click OK to close the Settings dialog
Open menu File → Site Manager…
Select the site with which you want to use the key
Choose Protocol “SFTP” and select Logon Type “Normal”. Don’t worry about a password if your key file doesn’t have a password
Click Connect and you’ll see your files.

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