MagentoCommerce 1.2.0 udgivet.

Så blev det tid til 1.2.0, nu med understøttelse af digitalt/downloadable content.

De vigtigste ændringer er at finde herunder.

  • Support for Downloadable/Digital Products. (to see this new product type in action visit the Magento Demo Store. We added an example of an MP3 product and an eBook )
  • Added Layered Navigation to site search result page, with control on the attribute level to include or exclude attributes used on the search results page.
  • Improved site search to utilize MySQL fulltext search
  • Added support for fixed-taxes on product level for such taxes as “State Environmental Fee” in the USA and “WEEE/DEEE” in the EU.
  • Upgraded Zend Framework to the latest stable version 1.7.2
  • Added a Layered Navigation Cache for improved performance of large catalogs (currently in beta and is NOT recommended for production use).

Opgradering af din Magento-shop finder sted gennem din /downloader

Se info her:

Upgrading an Existing Magento Version

Upgrade your existing Magento installation to 1.2.0 through the Magento Connect Manager:

  • Do NOT use your live or production site. We suggest making a copy of your site and upgrading that copy first.
  • Backup your index.php and .htaccess files (if modified)
  • Log into your Magento Connect Manager.
  • Select the ‘Setting’ tab.
  • Change the Preferred State to ‘Stable’, and save settings.
  • For the Mage_All_Latest package select upgrade.
  • Click on the ‘Commit Changes’ button. The upgrade should start.
  • After upgrade is complete click on the ‘Refresh’ button.
  • Copy your original index.php and .htaccess files back (if needed)
  • Log into your admin and rebuild search index
  • You should now have Magento 1.2.0 installed.

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Dennis Support

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