[Drift: ] – Løst – Euroline: Operational problems affecting the payment card system


Update 22. jan. 10:00  Problemet er løst her til morgen – The problem is solved this morning

The payment card system at Euroline is currently subject to external operational disruptions on Visa/Dankort.
Payment card transactions will not be processed. Euroline is working towards solving the problem.
We recommend that merchants use the offline procedure, if possible.
We will keep you updated until the system is back to normal.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused by our operational problems.
Best regards

————————– UPDATE ————————————

Euroline: VISA/Dankort is back to normal

Yesterday, you may have experienced some problems accepting VISA/Dankort transactions through Euroline. It turned out that the problem was caused by an update from Nets carried out the night of Sunday to Monday, prompting the system to decline all VISA/Dankort transactions.
The problem at Nets’ has now been fixed, and all VISA/Dankort transactions are authorised.
Euroline will release an official statement on their website later on today.

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