Magento udgiver version

Magento har udgivet en ny version, denne version markerer også starten på et nyt navngivningsformat. Læs meget mere om det på dette blogpost

I denne version er bla. tax-classes blevet omskrevet. Se en liste af bug-fixes herunder:


  • Rewritten taxes and discounts calculation


  • Fixed Cleaning Compare List/Recently Products when customer logout
  • Fixed password validation of creating admin/web_services users
  • Fixed #14882: Layered navigation->’Special price’ ranges displayed incorrect
  • Fixed #14284: PDF in 1.3.2: Downloadable products titles and filenames
  • Fixed #14742: catalog_product_attribute_tier_price.update; added restiction to add tier prices to websites not associated with product
  • Fixed #14742: catalog_product_attribute_tier_price.update
  • Fixed #14627: Tax Rules Grid – Tax classes, rates are not diplayed at admin interface
  • Fixed #14830: On “Create New Attribute” page, button “Save and Continue” work does not correctly.
  • Fixed #14800: Quick search for attribute “Date” does not work
  • Fixed #14700: SOAP-ERROR: Encoding: object hasn’t ‘website_ids’ property
  • Fixed #13936: Serious troubles with amount in order after Google checkout
  • Fixed #14755: Wish List module not disabling properly in the cart screens
  • Fixed #14824: Shopping cart contain empty bundle product
  • Fixed #14736: height check missing in custom product option file
  • Fixed #14450: custom option file not supporting multiple instances
  • Fixed #14788: sendNewAccountEmail always uses default config instead of store configs for email options
  • Fixed #14910: “Notify Low Stock RSS” does not work.
  • Fixed #14917: Fatal error during opening simple product
  • Fixed #5126: Group of an attribute set can be deleted from the set that is used in live products
  • Fixed #14839: Empty invoice could be created
  • Fixed #11942: Create order – word issue
  • Fixed #8538: No Tag accepted message after a tag is submitted from Review page
  • Fixed #10803: Add Save and Continue Button
  • Fixed #14825: Blank date after switching scope
  • Fixed #14935: Unable to create Capture online invoice second time
  • Fixed #14797: Incorrect Date value leads to error.
  • Fixed #14936: Some Error report filenames contain negative sign
  • Fixed #13285: On Review Order page, link “Change Payment Method” lead to 404,
  • Fixed #14658: Typographical errors like ‘Rewrie’ instead of ‘Rewrite’ and ‘Url’ instead of ‘URL’
  • Fixed #14162: Email to a friend page – customer couldn’t back to the product page
  • Fixed #14504: “Attribute already exists” Mage_Core_Model_Layout::generateXml() fails
  • Fixed #14765: Custom options validation translations
  • Fixed #14143: Filter “Product Sku” should have a name “Product SKU”.
  • Fixed #14123: Category name in the category tree updates only after page refreshing
  • Fixed get option text for attribute source model
  • Fixed #13894: SOAP: Customer addresses is_default_billing and is_default_shipping flags are not set correctly
  • Fixed #11001: Blank page after relogin after session ends.
  • Added type=”button” to all buttons without type
  • Fixed #10999: Clearing cookies during order creation process through admin working incorrectly.
  • Fixed #10994: Ajax error after deleting cookies in the shopping cart price rules
  • Fixed #10935: Deleting cookies couses incorrect saving of the newsletters template
  • Fixed #13363: Currency Setup -> Scheduled Import Settings
  • Fixed #12900: Invalid XHTML on customer edit page
  • Fixed #14963: “Status”, “Visibility” attributes in the layered navigation
  • Fixed #14844: Implement Build Notation IDs in PayPal Standard transactions
  • Fixed #14505: Table rates-shipping calculations-combined virtual/downloadable and real products in cart
  • Fixed #14807: In compare list, attribute “Date” have value time.
  • Fixed #5063: Sort product attributes on import/export profile page
  • Fixed #11989: customer_address.list and primary key field
  • Fixed #15084: “Add Secret Key to URLS” causes redirect to dashboard
  • Fixed #14908: product api v2 strict warning causes Exception
  • Fixed #13599: Downloadable links and samples price is not recalculating under the currency rate
  • Fixed #12127: Discount price excludes taxes
  • Fixed #10257: Invalid cart item prices/calculation when using discount rules
  • Fixed #10176: Strange price without VAT when using discount
  • Fixed #12926: Shopping cart rules effect unit price in shopping cart when using Buy X get Y
  • Fixed #11228: Bad tax calculation on catalog including VAT with promotions
  • Upgraded to v1.8.2
  • Fixed #15088: Rewrite Helper CatalogSearch Namespace undefined
  • Fixed #12632: Usps Flate Rate Box Issue
  • Fixed #15085: Amazon CBA are not returning orders to the magento
  • Fixed #15115: “Your billing address will be ignored and you will be redirected to Amazon Simple Pay website.”
  • Fixed #14795: Email To Friend form :: If guest are not allowed
  • Fixed #13343: Invalid tgz file
  • Fixed #15025: Flat Product Indexer misses total Multiple Select Value
  • Fixed #14675: Adding product with long description
  • Added insertMultiply method for DB Adapter
  • Fixed #15130: Layered Navigation – & (Ampersand) category in URL
  • Fixed #15181: “Reset” Button does not work correctly
  • Fixed #15187: Editing tag on front page, does not work correctly.
  • Fixed #14901: Postal code required! Why???
  • Fixed #15228: Unknown popup on “Checkout method” page.
  • Fixed #15264: Unable to change downloadable information for products in admin under IE6
  • Fixed #15136: Can’t create a category;
  • Fixed #15287: Single interface to EAV and Flat Categories
  • Fixed #15208: Mixed cart, Download items not available until shipment is complete
  • Fixed #13032: Paypal uk CVN (Card Verification Number) validation issue
  • Fixed #15137: Admin password
  • Fixed #15142: Watermark->applied with non-transparent background, but should
  • Fixed #15141: Backend->Watermarks->add comments
  • Fixed #14422: Admin: Settings: Store email adreses – Invalid sender name
  • Fixed #15352: An error occured during processing. Please try again.
  • Fixed #3662: YTD and 2YTD day range in the Select Range dropdown in Dashboard
  • Fixed #14921: Fields giftcert_code and giftcert_amount are not defined in salesOrderEntry scheme in Web service WSDL; Giftcert module has been removed;
  • Fixed #15353: Order Status for PayPal does not change.
  • Fixed #14579: Problem saving configuration setting at Available product listing sort-by
  • Fixed #14338: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘e.display_price_group_0’ in ‘field list’
  • Fixed #14534: products being added via SOAP are not populating the inventory attributes correctly
  • Fixed #15288: typo in login.php – Checkout method
  • Fixed #10374: Product not visible after adding through API (qty undefined)
  • Fixed #15380: Inventory API – cataloginventory_stock_item – missing fields
  • Fixed #15107: OnePageCheckout: Invisible some payment methods
  • Fixed #15426: Check / Money order payment method don’t allow to place the order
  • Fixed #15379: Creating invoice for partially shipped order via sales_order_invoice.create web services API method
  • Added Arabic(Algeria) and Belarusian locales
  • Fixed #15137: Admin password
  • Fixed #15241: Admin account and encryption key should be created in one transaction
  • Fixed #15407: Fedex Error
  • Fixed #15458: Memory Leak
  • Fixed #14189: category_ids using field inconsistency
  • Fixed #11707: Fatal Error: Using $this when not in object context in …/API/Model/Server/Handler/Abstract.php
  • Fixed #15258: Layered navigation – 0 results

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