Magento udgivet

Så er der et par små-rettelser til magento:


* Added support for UPS negotiated rates
* Added configuration option to create invoices automatically for Zero Subtotal checkout

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed shopping cart row total including tax
* Fixed Google Base Germany price issues
* Fixed #10727: Custom options is not saving if Ajax request is not load
* Fixed #10313: Config Prduct Custom Options addCart broken
* Fixed #10631: Custom Options do not on product details page
* Fixed #10696: Custom Options Disappear After Adding Image
* Fixed #10708: Custom Options Disappearing
* Fixed #10975: custom options disappearing after saving product
* Fixed #11111: has_options / required_options not updating on import. Current ones set to 0
* Fixed #10980: has_options disappear when creating/updating product via Magento API
* Fixed #11176: Custom Options
* Fixed #10921: Impossible to add downloadable products when creating an order in the admin
* Fixed #10920: Downloadable products don’t appear in Bestsellers report
* Fixed #10928: Downloadable Product – SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column ‘price’ cannot be null
* Fixed #10572: Double Negative English creates Confusion in Admin Panel

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