Magento udgiver ver.

Så kom version på banen, det er blevet til et par bugfixes:

  • Fixed #13291: PayPal Standard :: order, captured by merchant does not transfered to Magento
  • Fixed #15143: Onepage checkout hack with Zero Subtotal Checkout payment method
  • Fixed #15217: Paypal IPN
  • Fixed #15211: PayPal IPN and Downloadable Products not responding
  • Fixed #15653: Checkout By Amazon comment in configuration
  • Fixed #15125: Incorrect order status on Virtual Products Purchased via
  • Fixed #15186: IE compatibility issue: Magento v
  • Fixed #15251: Broken Categories Page
  • Fixed #14363: Manage Categories: IE6,7. 404 after appear pop-up error
  • Fixed #15213: updateTopButtonToolbarToggle();
  • Fixed #15210: JavaScript Error in Manage Categories
  • Fixed #14698: Unable to work with categories
  • Fixed #15359: Manage categories slow

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